29 March 2012

Saying hello again! :)

Ive decided to start blogging again... ^^
so, please be patients as stories,dramas will be coming right away!

Francesca E.

26 August 2011


So again, I'm alone at home.
done this,done that...and lazy to do other things.
I miss my lappy though. it has been away for repairment for 2 weeks already.

I miss going to classes as the holiday is like sooo long.
Luckily I was working so I get my own pocket money.

I spent on :
- buying shirts
- new spec
- new hp housing for my Nokia 5320
- new hp casing for my x10
- treat mommy for dinner as her birthday was on 24th August
- bowling~
- mcD...itu harus~ hahaha
- spon my brother ^^
- make ups~

but one thing I really wish to go to as it's been a while since I havent into cinemas! huhu.. i wanna watch movie~ but with who? grrrr..yalah susah mun single2..hahaha

oh well...looking forward for the opening of the new sem baybeh! 12th September. ^^

12 August 2011

Kuching Fest '11

Went to Kuching Fest last Saturday
with families and friends...
but most of the time I was with my friends.
Netta. Nelle. Jess. Sherman. Nic. 

I remembered when Netta and Sherman fetched me earlier than expected,
rushed to the car, AND put on eyeliners..
and when we went to Nelle's place,
she came into the car saying out loud,
AND she puffed on her perfumes.
we were in the same boat la Nelle and that's funny.

6 of us in the car...that's also funny. hee..
bought alot of food and DRINKS...i think I drank like 4-5 cups? haha
sempat minta discount =.='

and to Nic a.k.a Inik
I'm happy for you.
Indeed, a celebration! hee

Missing u guys! GB! 

Jess. what did you say bout my lens? Gumiho?? eyh? hahaha... fox la now?

18 July 2011

blog sweet blog~

people use to say "home sweet home" when they reach their homes..
mine would be blog sweet blog because it's been a while since I updated anything...
it's not about being busy but I dont know what to write about...heee~
and since im bored...here I am..still sorting out what to write about...

everyone's asking, "Franz, are you working or having holidays?
my answer is this....I'm having my holidays now,as in, it's my semester breaks and currently I'm working as a research assistant (handling SPSS thingie~) in UiTM. I can say they pay me well~ because my job is kinda easy. key-in data and analyzing... office,I share with my lecturer Ahmad Faisal. and I can play games whenever I feel bored, breakfast/ lunch anytime, even blasting off the radio too! tanya sama pokok~ hee

really tiring also la in terms of, I drive the car. early morning Ive to send my both parents to work. sorang simpang 3, sorang hospital, then drive over again to Samarahan. after work, fetch mummy to hospital again. traffic jamm here and there so usually I reach home at 6pm...then masak,kemas everything, then most of the time, i zzzz...heee...nothing much la...

weekends, now I really spend time relaxing on those days. either with friends or families. either way, I love it. that's what single people do..wahahaha~dunno what else to write also...hee.. mwwahhh everyone! =))

27 June 2011

I found out

That you have a girl.
what hurt me the most, you should've told me.
why wanna hide?
things could have been earlier if you just TELL.

22 June 2011


feels like updating few things that have not been updated in here...hehe
one of it is 
one of the happiest moment in my life.
Convocation Day

 with parents. =)
with Osmond... bestfriend from Sabah bha ini..hehe.. 
 Mary and I with Nick.. the librarian that always calls me "Cassandra" =.=''
My yayang was there to give me presents and photographer as well.TQ!

Haaa..this tall guy is Umar. one of the tourism students I knew him the day before convo and tadaaa..he found me so we took pic together!

lot more pics in my FB. but on the convo day itself, it was raining heavily. mum was hungry so we left. didnt take any group photo that much. everyone was busy with meeting others. hehe..

the only group photo I have is this...
and it was taken the next day when we wanted to send in our robes. 

once again, congratz everyone


Result was out on the 17th June.
I'm happy that my results turned to be goood ermm accept for my QMT425...oh well, luckily I didn't fail cuz as far as I could remember, I didn't answer many of the questions.hehee ^^
congratz to the rests that also achieved AD (Dean's List)

I dont know bout my short sem result eyhh..seems to be difficult to score.
harap sik fail la that paper... hmm

and hey, happy 2 month-plus holz!

02 May 2011

Forget You~

4 days after the break up from 4 years knowing you
ok...excluding those "on" and "off"
I'm doing good so far
Hurt? A lil. But since it's expected, 
I was prepared.

The End

30 April 2011

12 years..

no matter how hard things are around me, she's still there for me.
I love her.
My bestfriend, ever.
Happy 12 years anniversary.

Thank you.
Kumbawa... =) 

27 April 2011

The chase part.... =')

Every relationship goes through stages. Where and how each stage develops is ultimately up to each person. While we always hope for the best, we often can't avoid the inevitable.

to all my exes,
and my current one
this is why im doing certain things. 

I always do what you say - no more. 

25 April 2011

CB Trip...episode 4

after kes kena halau swimming pool, we headed back to our rooms,took bath and we gathered in Madam Noraida's room as usual.

 In Madam's room. everyone was excited for next activity actually..hehe..

walked to the River Cruise area... yes, we walked. eyh? didnt we? aaa..forgot! hahaha
*text my friend first..urgh..no reply. assuming that we walked..haha*
This pic was taken while we were waiting for the next empty cruise. 


No...those are paintings on the walls. Most of the building that we saw along the riverbank are painted with drawings. Nice. ^^

Ruver cruising took for about 20 mins? yeah..20 minutes uhs and ahs...haha!
Next, we headed to Taming Sari. such a tallll erm..tower? no idea how to call it. it's like the elavator going uppp bah~ and u get to watch the city of Melaka. RM15 per entrance.
most of us dare ourselves to go. some even cried~ hehehe..
I was scared as well but most of the time, I recorded the scene,so it was okay. haha..

Us before going in. we got free drinks and muffins. 
still, Doug and I bought ourselves mineral water. hahaha.. haus bah.

This was already in the Taming Sari. Color baju memainkan peranan. hahaha. everywhere we went, the 3 of us (me, Val and Marianne but Marianne wasnt in the pic because, she's scared of height so she didnt join us.haha) will try to wear same color shirts. for what reason? no idea. hahaha!

One of the best view. See those blue colored tents/stalls?

yeah..blue colored stalls/tents, we went there to shop souvenirs. and I got annoyed people kept asking us "orang pusak ka?" aiseymannnn~ 

 we shopped and shopped until ermm midnight?? tedah my friends, some kepenatan. haha..walked back to hotel after that and hurrahhhh... the last night in Melaka. 
next episode would be on Kualalalala Lumpur~

to be continued. 

oh..atas permintaan Suwa Suwe~


24 April 2011

CB trip...episode 3

After we went to Jaya Jusco, we went to the city of Malacca. most of it because, we want to take pictures.haha

A MUST to take pic in front of this church.

I was exhausted and thirsty!! I forgot who gave me that mineral water eyh..

Took pic with one of the Portugist artist.Artist as in the one who draws/pain teally well? hehe.. He's super nice. and can memorize our name real well. 

Didn't I tell I was exhausted? Hahaha..the rest went to buy shopping around the church area. 

Douglas and his...erm..how to call that thing again? 

Then we went to A'Famosa. Such a historical place. =)


Then we went to the side where we saw,animals! hahaha..
paid RM3 just to take pic with those.
The iguana changed its color!!

Next stop, we went to Muzium Kapal..
correct ka? hahaa..
when you go to museum, people expect you to read the histories right?
while us...camwhore all the time~ some even sat on the floor, menikmati aircond. haha

Then, we went off back to the hotel and we reached at 4:30p.m.
Since there's nothing to do (aktiviti bebas), some went to sleep,
while the 5 of us (excluding that unknown guy),

Doug, Khairul, Bigshow and Eric came later. no pic of them..hee..
we managed to swim for half and hour, and laterrr, there's the lady came and said we're not allowed to swim since some of us weren't wearing swimming suit.

still...we laughed out bout it. dah puas2 baru kena halau..heee...

okay..to be continued in the next episode 

23 April 2011

CB-Trip..episode 2

yeah..here's the continuation...I stopped at Melaka Tourism Department that day...so yeah...still on MELAKA yeah..

Next, we went to Jaya Jusco..
a very biggg hypermarket eyhh
so sakai like that and how I wish they have one here in Kuching.

outside view...

while waiting for Mr. E.J. somehow,this pic looks wrong..haha.. madam should be on my place eyh.
me indah duduk kat kerusi =S

In Jaya Jusco where E.J gave us talk and explanation the concept of Jaya Jusco.

most of their products are seriously cheap.
tomatoes? rm0.42 per kg?? 
I can be a happy vegetarian if I leave here...

and the fishes?? OMG...fresh gilerrrrr!!!
and the best thing here also, the place is veryyy clean. no flies.
thankz to the air-conds. hehe

Guess what did I ask?
clue : see that thing hanging?? haha

and then,there's group photo. Most of the pics taken are only for report purposes. He didnt allow us to simply take pictures. everything need to ask him "can take pictures of this?"
it was 2p.m when this pic was taken and since the bus driver called and said he'd be there by 3:30p.m...so...they went for lunch.

and as for me...

for 1 and a half hour, I really dont care about skipping my lunch. hahaha 

Next, we went to Bandaraya Melaka. 
erm..i'll do that in my next post...wanna study now

CB Trip

Consumer Behavior Trip...under Madam Noraida. 20 students altogether.
we went to Melaka and Kuala Lumpur. Melaka for 2 nights and one night in KL.
though I thought my job as the PM has over, but I was wrong. still I need to prepare the report.
oh well... wanna start reporting in here first. hahaa
This is our beloved Madam Noraida and her youngest son, Farish. I'm not sure how to spell. hehe..
and this was the first time I saw her in jeans. ^^

Though flight got delayed from 3pm to 3:30p.m, still we reached KL LCCT on time (5.00pm). had to wait for the bus for half and hour. didn't take much pic here since after that we went to McD. lol.

Since I had to make sure everyone got into the bus, in the end I had to sit like sooo faraway behind. 
erm..it wasnt a bus actually. it was a coaster. and...
we didnt like it. =.='
KL to Melaka....we reached Melaka at 8p.m plus.

see those money?? Pocket money kamek org~
RM168 each person. ^^

oh..forgot to mention. this was where we stayed in Melaka.
Hotel Mahkota.

after we got our pocket money, we walked to the city to get something to eat!
like sooo hungry. it was around 10pm by then.
We ate here and I got pissed with the macha there. lain kali jak cerita. hahaa.
cuz I ended up eating NOTHING. ishh~
the place was kinda far from our hotel but walking in group was fun. especially crossing the roads! lol..

Atikah and Zera. ex-classmate when we're in Diploma. they're both went to meet us up that night and and and...she wears braces for...fashion? hehe..nice! now im missing wearing mine. hee..
both are now studying in UiTM Melaka taking Finance. 

went back to hotel around midnight. unpacked stuffs and gila2 alu tido at 1a.m? 
the next morning woke up at 5am and oh...

with Valeni and Marianne..my roomates during the trip! hehe..
in uniforms since it's time to get working babeyh!!

at the Bahagian Pelancongan Melaka.
I didn't take many pics here since my nose molah hal eyhh..
bak kata my friend "water coming out from nose"..hee..

to be continued...going to class now..hee


22 April 2011

the result of election!

The result was out at 12:00a.m 
like sooo Nightline eyhh?? hahaha..
oh well...I guess Ive to start learning how to do minutes of meetings. 
No experience at all in this..huhu..
will try my best guys ;)
thankz for the vote. (mcm AF la pulaa...)

and oh...
seriously the 4 of us don't care whether you wanna bring us down
because from now on...